Chennai ART Symposium 2015 Y.R.G CARE
Symposium Information  

About CART 2015
Y.R.G. CARE is pleased to offer the 2015 symposium (CART 2015) on March 28 - 29, 2015 at
Hotel Leela Palace, Adyar Seaface, MRC Nagar, Raja Annamalaipuram, Chennai, Tamil Nadu 600028.

Objective of the Symposium:

  • To disseminate the latest clinical update on the management of HIV disease.
  • To update practicing clinicians on the current concept of Antiretroviral Therapeutics, newer drugs, resistance and toxicities.

This symposium is focused to deliver current updates on

  • Pathogenesis of HIV disease
  • Principles of Antiretroviral therapy
  • Updates on  
    • When to start?
    • What to start?
    • When to switch?
    • What to switch?
  • Toxicities of antiretrovirals
  • Drug Resistance
    • Principles in Drug Resistance
    • Genotyping
    • Interpretation of result
  • Management of treatment experienced patients
  • New drug and targets
  • HIV & TB
  • HBV, HCV coinfection
  • HIV & HPV
  • Neuro AIDS
  • Antiretrovirals in Prevention and Vaccines
  • Antiretrovirals Therapy in Women
  • Management of adolescent and pediatric HIV infection
  • HIV medication adherence
  • Cost effectiveness of antiretroviral therapy
  • HIV Eradication and Cure strategies
  • Interactive clinical case discussions

Who should attend?

  • Clinicians involved or interested in HIV care
  • Researchers

International Faculty
Dr. Constance A Benson - University of California, San Diego, USA
Dr. David Katzenstein - Stanford University, San Francisco, USA
Dr. Susan Swindels - University of Nebraska, USA
Dr. Kenneth Mayer - Harvard University, Boston,USA
Dr. Kenneth Freedberg - Harvard University, Boston, USA
Dr. Mark Boyd - University of New South Wales,Sydney,Australia
Dr. Rami Kantor - Brown University, Providence, USA
Dr. Robert T Schooley - University of California, San Diego, USA
Dr. Savita Pahwa, University of Miami, Miami, USA
Dr. Scott Letendre - University of California, San Diego, USA
Dr. Thomas Campbell - University of Colorado School of Medicine, Denver, USA
Dr. Umesh Lalloo - Nelson Mandela School of Medicine, Durban, South Africa
Dr. Raziya Bobat - Nelson Mandela School of Medicine, Durban, South Africa
Dr. Razia Narayan Pendse - World Health Organization, South East Asia, New Delhi
Dr. Ajay Bharti - University of California, San Diego, USA
Dr. James Hakim - University of Harare, Zimbabwe
Dr. Vinod Diwan - Karolinska Institute, Stockholm, Sweden
Dr. Sandy Pillay - Durban International CRS, South Africa

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